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The location of the Island Hotel on the beach is ideal in every sense. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a vacation in Netanya and the spectacular sea views, and still be close to many attractions in the city and the surrounding area. Featuring spacious, spacious suites, all facing the sea and featuring particularly large balconies and contemporary design, Island Hotel offers guests a luxurious, luxurious and unique holiday experience. It is undoubtedly the most prominent and beautiful hotel in the new skyline of the hotels in Netanya

The Island Hotel will make every holiday in Netanya a pure pleasure. Newlyweds can enjoy a romantic wedding night package in one of the hotel’s suites, with all the luxuries that will make you an unforgettable experience. The hotel is located in central Sharon, ideal for businessmen and managers who want to enjoy all our business services, including a luxurious business lounge, free Wi-Fi, meeting room and more. There is also a luxurious spa offering pampering treatments

We look forward to hosting you at the Island Hotel in Netanya and welcome you on a wonderful vacation

About Island Suites Hotel

The Island Hotel is the first and only suite of its kind in Netanya, offering a winning combination of location, luxury and quality for guests who want to taste the experience of the Israeli Riviera. The hotel in Netanya offers a fresh alternative to luxury accommodation, to the city’s famous beach. The management team is proud to lead the development of the place, while giving great thought to small and large details

Sharon Saida

About Sharon Sayda

CEO of Island Hotel,Sharon Sayda
, Is an experienced professional in the fields of tourism and entrepreneurship in Israel. Today she serves as CEO of the Island Hotel and a marketing expert in the field of tourism and hotels

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel and welcome you on a wonderful vacation

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